Located in the charming Old Town, Homa Gallery is highly respected by artists, curators and locals alike.

In the busy Jewish Street, there stands the Art Gallery Homa, owned by Jadranka Munitić, a painter.

Stepping inside it from the old stone nucleus of the Renaissance Town is like entering a fairy-tale of some dreamed history, the world of theatre, costumes and light. It is a place of accidental encounters, friendly gatherings and of the emanation of creativity.

Having first worked in different Dubrovnik art galleries, Jadranka lived with the art of other artists, trying at the same time to configure her own perception of motives and creative expression before she finally committed herself to painting. Using an inventive technique, which she copyrighted, she has obtained all of the luminescent effects she wished to express in her paintings. Reminiscing Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl”, she realised her first artworks by applying candy paper with an impulse to revive those precious childhood moments, such as the sight at a decorated Christmas tree or at gifts.